Are Son de Flor Dresses Worth It? - Lizzie in Lace (2024)


Are Son de Flor Dresses Worth It? - Lizzie in Lace (1)

Even though I dress like a Disney princess the majority the time, I still love a good cottagecore outfit! This trend has been around for years now and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. It’s feminine, wearable and perfect for everyday style. If there was ever a cottagecore brand, it’s Son de Flor. Are Son de Flor dresses worth it? Find out below in my (unsponsored) Son de Flor review!


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What is Son de Flor?

Son de Flor is a fashion brand that specializes in linen dresses and clothing. This brand definitely has more of a cottagecore brand with dreamy dresses, skirts and other clothing that looks straight out of the countryside. Son de Flor clothing is timeless, wearable and ethical. They use 100% linen for their garments and natural, recycled or biodegradable materials for the detailing. Linen is comfortable and breathable making it perfect for keeping you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter (plus it wears really well). Sondeflor also has cottagecore style accessories as well!

Is Son de Flor legit?

Yes, Son de Flor is a legitimate company! I’ve had a great experience with them so far 🙂

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Son de Flor Sizing: Do Son de Flor Dresses run true to size?

Does Sondeflor run true to size? I’m usually in between an XS and a small. I got an XS in my Sondeflor dress and I found that it fit perfectly! Initially I wasn’t sure which size to go with but I found the waist measurement on the XS to be a bit closer to my own. I would say that they seem to run true to size, if not a bit large. In this instance, it’s helpful to checkout the size chart on their website and compare it to your measurements. Sizing goes from XXS to 4X so they are fairly size inclusive as well!

Is Son de Flor Clothing Good Quality?

Yes! Son de Flor quality is top notch! The linen is so beautiful and I really love the overall design and fit of the dress. I love all of the little details like the buttons and white border under the sleeves and skirt. It gives off a whimsical look when twirling! Everything seems to be really well made.

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Outfit Details

Sondeflor Dress c/o | Pink Dolce & Gabbana Bag | White Review Sneakers (similar– Use Lizzie12 for 12% off!) | Pearl Baublebar Headband (similar) | Sequin Jewelry Pearl Necklace (Use LIZZIEINLACE20 for 20% off!) | Sequin Jewelry Bracelet (Use LIZZIEINLACE20 for 20% off!) | Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick | Halo Hair Extension (use LIZZIEINLACE for $25 off!)

Son de Flor Dress Review

For my first experience, I opted for the Son de Flor Classic Dress with short sleeves in the color, Phlox Purple. The color itself is SO gorgeous! Rather than being vibrant, it’s more of a dusty purple (if that makes sense). I tend to wear a lot of neutrals and pastel shades so this fits right in with my closet.

When I wore it out the first time, I got so many compliments! The fit is so flattering and I love how twirly the skirt is (plus it has pockets). The only thing I didn’t love was the length. I’m only 4’11” so I found it to be a bit long on me. However, I saw that they have since added a “mini” dress version that goes above the knee. I would love to try this one out!

Sondeflor Reviews: Are Sondeflor dresses worth it?

Yes! Son de Flor linen dresses are worth it, in my opinion! The designs are classic, timeless and fall perfectly within the cottagecore aesthetic. They are very comfortable, wearable and flattering. Son de Flor also has a lot of styles to choose from. In fact, I’ve already got my eye on a pretty pink mini dress 😉

Son de Flor Coupon Code

Shop Son de Flor here ! I have an active Sondeflor discount code from time to time so please bookmark this post and check back. You can also follow me on Instagram as this will be the first place I post when my code is active.

I hope you loved this Son de Flor dresses review!

What do you think of this cottagecore outfit?


Are Son de Flor Dresses Worth It? - Lizzie in Lace (2024)
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