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"Famine could happen" south of Gaza amid Israel-Hamas war, Cindy McCain says Cindy McCain, the executive director of the World Food Programme, said on "Face that Nation" that the south of Gaza is "right on the edge" of famine amid the war between Israel and Hamas 10H ago
Sullivan says "there could be a cease-fire tomorrow" if "Hamas would say yes to the deal" National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on "Face the Nation" that "now is the moment" for a cease-fire in the war in Gaza, urging Hamas to accept a deal with Israel. 11H ago
Trump and Biden neck and neck nationally and in battlegrounds — CBS News poll There have been small shifts as Biden draws more Trump opposition; but Trump holds edge on many qualities. 5H ago
Florida Sen. Rick Scott says he'll vote against recreational pot after brother's death Sen. Rick Scott of Florida says he'll vote in November against a ballot amendment to legalize recreational marijuana in his state. Jun 8
Caitlin Clark on Olympics roster snub: "Just gives you something to work for" Clark, who brought millions of new fans to the WNBA after a record-breaking collegiate career, was not included on the U.S. roster that AP published Saturday. No official announcement has been made. 5H ago
Bobrovsky leads the way, Panthers look for 2-0 Cup Final lead: CBS Sports Miami's Steve Goldstein Sergei Bobrovsky stopped all 32 of the Edmonton Oilers' shots, sending the nearly 20,000 fans into a frenzy. 5H ago
Coco Gauff wins Grand Slam doubles title at the French Open It was Gauff's third women's doubles final after losing championship matches at Roland Garros in 2022 and the U.S. Open in 2021. 15H ago
A bit of history for the Panthers, who lead a Stanley Cup Final for the first time This one surely felt different to the Florida Panthers, for a lot of reasons. 10H ago
Miami FC falls short to Las Vegas Lights FC Despite the early goal in the first half, Miami FC could not keep their lead against Las Vegas Lights FC​. Jun 9
Lively wins 5th straight start, Ramirez, Kwan homer and Guardians top Marlins 8-0 Ben Lively won his fifth straight start, José Ramirez and Steven Kwan homered, and the Cleveland Guardians beat the Miami Marlins 8-0. Jun 8
Bobrovsky makes 33 saves as the Panthers shut out the Oilers 3-0 in Game 1 of Stanley Cup Final Sergei Bobrovsky backstopped the Florida Panthers to a 3-0 victory over the Edmonton Oilers in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. Jun 8
Luis Suarez will play in his fifth Copa America Luis Suárez, Uruguay's all-time leading scorer, will play in his fifth Copa América. Jun 8
Dornoch wins 156th Belmont Stakes, run for first time at Saratoga Despite there not being a Triple Crown on the line, it marked a historic Belmont because the race was run at Saratoga for the first time in the venue's 161-year history. Jun 8
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Latest Videos 103-year-old Jamaican author shares story of feeding U.S. soldiers with his farm during WWII CBS News Miami's Steve Maugeri talks with John McHugh, who helped feed American soldiers during the Second World War. 6H ago 02:08

103-year-old Jamaican author shares story of feeding U.S. soldiers with his farm during WWII

One-on-One with Rep. Jared Moskowitz | Facing South Florida CBS News Miami's Jim DeFede tackles a variety of topics with Democratic Congressman Jared Moskowitz, including the aftermath of the Trump guilty verdicts.They also discuss President Joe Biden's just announced new policy on the border, as well as the growing pressure on Israel to accept a U.S.-backed plan to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.The conversation also includes next week's planned demolition of the 1200 building on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School campus, the site of the 2018 massacre. Congressman Moskowitz is a MSD graduate. 12H ago 10:34
One-on-One with BCPS Superintendent Howard Hepburn | Facing South Florida CBS News Miami's Jim DeFede talks to Broward County's new school superintendent Howard Hepburn.Dr. Hepburn shares his vision for the district. The two also discuss what we might expect under his leadership regarding the controversial plan for school closings and repurposing due to declining school enrollment.Another of the topics discussed is why Broward has not been an A-rated school district for more than a decade, and what might be in the works to change that. 12H ago 12:48
South Florida 8 a.m. Weather Forecast 6/9/2024 CBS News Miami's NEXT Weather Meteorologist Cindy Preszler says though Sunday started off hot and sticky, rain showers and storms might pick up later in the afternoon. Also, prepare for heavier rain and storms coming in later in the week as tropical moisture begins to creep up from the Gulf of Mexico. 14H ago 02:26
Miami-Dade students go electric go-kart racing at Electrathon in Homestead Electric go-karts replaced gas-guzzling race cars at the Homestead Miami Speedway on Saturday with Miami-Dade Public School students behind the wheel during the Electrathon. 14H ago 00:26
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