Pressure Cooker Beef Short Ribs With Red Wine and Chile Recipe (2024)

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Jimmy G

This is a very flavorful dish, but it was tough as shoe leather after the 35 min. I put it back in for another 15 min. and it was perfect. Punch in 50 min. when you make this dish and you won't be disappointed! This is going in my regular rotation.

Lance G

If by manual release she means let the steam out right away, I found that short changes the cooling time and my ribs were tough from not enough time. I should have let the steam release on my pressure cooker on its own. I took the meat out as she said to reduce the sauce right at 35. In my estimation, the meat needs more time to be truly tender.


Am a fennel hater. Any good subs?


With meat one should always use the natural release--let the pressure cooker sit until the lid unlocks of its own accord. I have a much simpler recipe from Practical Paleo, which is pretty much beef short ribs, seared, a can of tomato sauce, a half cup of balsamic vinegar, some smashed garlic cloves and four medjool dates. My spouse liked the sauce so much he saved the leftover sauce for a dish of pasta.


Could this recipe be adapted for cooking on the stove top or in the oven? Would love to try it. Thank you.


Just one more voice saying: 35 min in Instant Pot with manual release was not long enough. Meat was still a little tough, with chewy bits of fat. Next time I'll READ THE COMMENTS FIRST, and cook it at least 10 minutes more. That said, very flavorful sauce, which was (as advertised) even better the next day, defatted and over white rice.

David S

Did this in a cast iron dutch oven and it was very good. The amount of chipotle gave it a good kick, so if you prefer a more subtle flavor, I think you could back that off by half. I cooked it one afternoon and refrigerated it for dinner the next evening. It made for an easy reheat while making the polenta and visiting with guests before dinner. Add a green salad and you're there.


Frustrated with the results the first time -- the meat was chewy and undercooked --- I tried it again. This time, set the Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker) to 50 min. Possibly too much... this time the meat fell off the bone, wrecking the presentation. But it was tasty, tender, delicious. Next time I'll split the diff and try 45 minutes. As before, I also got a quart (defatted) of rich beef gravy/broth, which I'll eat on noodles.


I dredge the meat in flour before sautéing it and add a tbsp of flour to the sautéed veggies before adding the wine and 1/2 cup of stock. No need to reduce the sauce at the end; the flour thickens it while cooking.


This was tremendous. Followed recipe exactly except I put it in a cast iron Dutch oven and in the oven for 3 hrs at 325 degrees. Really fabulous. Will surely make this again.


Baked for 3 hours at 325, after originally planning to try the new Instant Pot (the oven required less last minute fussing during co*cktail hour). Grocery store had no prunes, so substituted 1/2 cup prune juice. Otherwise followed the recipe - the flavors melded beautifully, including the fennel, which is generally not a favorite in our house. Delicious!


Header says it can be baked in the oven at 325 for 3 hrs.


I used boneless short ribs (more kid-friendly) in an instant pot, 35 minutes on high followed by manual release. The meat came out very tender and the sauce was delicious as-is (a little thin but I didn't reduce it, as there was no time to spare before the kids turned into hungry monsters). Delicious, will make again.


Gave it a bit of a korean flare subbing gochujang for the tomato paste and throwing in some sh*takes and whole carrots. It was delicious and didn't overpower the wine, leek, and fennel base. 50 mins cook time and sat it in the fridge overnight to enhance the flavor and skim excess fat. Served over mashed cauliflower one night and spaghetti squash for another.


I suppose it could be done in a slow cooker too. Just wondering if the short ribs would give off too much fat for the slow cooker.


I can’t sing the praises of this recipe enough. Simple preparation with such flavorful results. I almost didn’t leave a comment because I want to keep it all to myself…

Ryan Cahill

3lb is the maximum I would say to use. I wasted a lot of money getting 3.75 pounds of short ribs and got rubbery stew meat for my trouble. Flavors are great, but it’s a short rib recipe. Not a flavorful broth recipe.


This was good. I took a cue from others and pressure cooked for 43 minutes and let it depressurize naturally for awhile. Used some canned chili in adobo instead of the powdered chipotle because I had it.


This was unbelievable! Cooking for two, marinated 2.5 lbs ribs all day; added chipotle flakes to the marinade. Used 1 fennel and 2 leeks but kept other ingredient amounts as per full recipe, and used combo Dixon chili, smoked sweet paprika & chipotle flakes = 1tbsp. Gave meat a solid browning in a cast iron pan before Insta pot for 43 minutes using (mostly) natural release. Perfect! Good advice from other reader to put prunes on top. No burning alerts. Well worth using a good rioja, too! YUM!


If using an instant pot don’t follow the suggestion to dredge the meat in flour. It causes the instant pot to “Burn”. Emptied the pot twice and scrubbed it clean and each time got a “Burn” notice even though there was plenty of liquid. Ribs in the Dutch Oven cooking them the old fashioned way now.


the flavors were delicious. however, don't do what I did. I wanted the sauce to be a little thicker so, clever me, I'll make a roux. BAD MOVE! even after deglazing with the wine, when I started the pressure cook I got the burn indicator 3 times. each time I got the browned bits off the bottom but ultimately I took everything out, added 3/4 c water, placed the ribs in the pan & spooned the sauce on top. 45 mins high pressure not quite enough time--they weren't fall apart tender

Susan Narayan

Question: this recipe asks that the cook "manually release pressure." My Instant Pot Max has three settings for releasing pressure: Natural Release, Quick Release, and Pulse Release. Which one of these three would best correspond to "manual?" Thank you!

Alison R.

45 minutes on high pressure with natural release - perfect! Delicious! Served over mashed potatoes with roasted broccoli or another green veggie.

Charles B

This is one of my favorite special-occasion dishes. It is a little fussy, but is always a great success. Personally I have had better luck with boneless short ribs than bone-in but otherwise I follow the recipe pretty much exactly as written. The only issue I have found is that sometimes if I'm not careful the sauce will burn at the bottom of the instant pot. Deglazing carefully after browning the meat usually takes care of this.


An outstanding, first-rate recipe. Tremendous taste. Don’t like fennel? Try it anyway. These tastes all blend together beautifully and harmoniously. There’s no anise flavor in this dish. I misread the recipe and used fresh but regular chile powder, rather than the spicier chipotle version. Following advise here, I cooked at high pressure for 60 minutes, then allowed for natural release. Served over polenta blended with mascarpone and pecorino Romano cheeses. It was perfect.


Help, I'm an experienced cook, but new to the pressure cooker world. I knew something was array when the steam was smelling of char. When I finished, after 35 mins at high pressure, ALL of the fennel and leeks were burned to a crisp (but the ribs were fine-go figure). Can anyone help me figure where I went off the rails?


You don't say, but it sounds like there wasn't any liquid left after 35 min. You might need to use more wine. One cup doesn't sound like much at high pressure where a lot may be lost via steam. I see others have also mentioned the need to add more liquid.

Mike Sedita

I cooked it for the recommended amount of time in a pressure cooker and the meat was tender enough. So I guess it depends on how tough the meat is to begin with and maybe variations in the pressure cooker.


2/23. Very tasty. Needed an extra 6 minutes with slow release before tender. Took off bones and refrigerated overnight then degreased (a lot of grease) then shredded. Did make a delicious sauce. Served with polenta and roasted broccoli rabe (Dave Minard)


These notes seem to be for a completely different recipe than the one I’m looking at, which is pork shoulder stew with olives and red wine. I’m seeing all comments about fennel bulb, leeks, tomato paste, and chipotle, none of which appear in the recipe I’m looking at, at all.


Followed the recipe as is. It was Just EXCELLENT. Thank you Melissa for another great recipe. BTW, it was cooked in a covered Dutch Oven pot and served it with white Grits.

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Pressure Cooker Beef Short Ribs With Red Wine and Chile Recipe (2024)
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