Vegan Caramel Chocolate Turtles - 5 Ingredient Recipe {GF} (2024)

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Vegan caramel chocolate turtles – a simplified 15 minute healthier version of caramel chocolate turtles made with only five ingredients. Gluten Free and Refined Sugar Free.Vegan Caramel Chocolate Turtles - 5 Ingredient Recipe {GF} (1)Vegan caramel chocolate turtles that are gluten-free and also sugar free! Stop everything you’re doing in life and make these immediately.

This might just be the best recipe I have ever created. In almost 6 years of blogging, and hundreds of recipes, it all comes down to one.

Chocolate turtles. With a vegan caramel sauce. And only five ingredients. And 5-15 minutes on hands on times.

For the best dessert you’ll ever have.

I’m not even exaggerating. This to me, is the best dessert I’ve ever made. Especially when you factor in the complexity of the recipe (super easy), the time required (barely any) and the list of ingredients needed (little to none), this blows every other dessert out of the water.

I mean sure if you want cheesecake you can make a vegan pumpkin cheesecake, or if you want brownies there are fudgy vegan protein brownies, but for me these chocolate turtles are the dessert that beats them all.

Vegan Caramel Chocolate Turtles - 5 Ingredient Recipe {GF} (2)

This recipe starts with nuts. Feel free to use your nuts of choice. Almonds, pecans, cashews, all work. I have to save pecans are the best in this recipe followed by almonds and then cashews. You want a solid hearty nut here. The cashews are a bit too soft of a nut in this recipe for me, the almonds and pecans being firmer nuts hold up better if you ask me.

You just need to scatter the nuts in little clusters on a parchment lined baking sheet.

Then you’re ready for the vegan caramel sauce.

Vegan Caramel Chocolate Turtles - 5 Ingredient Recipe {GF} (3)

The vegan caramel is a combo of maple syrup, coconut oil and sunflower seed butter. Yep, I said it, sunflower seed butter. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I mean nut butters sure, but sunflower seed butter – that’s a new one for me.

And I love it, it gives this caramel sauce that perfect element of intrigue. The maple syrup and coconut oil need to be heated in a pot, and then the sunflower seed butter is added.

Let that boil for 1-2 minutes, stirring it while you go, and that’s it. That’s all it takes for a vegan caramel sauce.

Amazing right? Now butter or cream needed. I am sure this would work with an almond or cashew butter too, so feel free to use those instead if you do not have sunflower seed butter.

Vegan Caramel Chocolate Turtles - 5 Ingredient Recipe {GF} (4)

Pour the caramel sauce onto the clusters of nuts, covering them so they stick nicely together. Let those two hang out in the freezer for a bit 5-10 minutes, or longer if you want the caramel a bit more solidified.

Then just melt the chocolate chips in the microwave and drizzle over the caramel nut clusters.

You chocolate turtles are almost complete. One last optional step. A light sprinkling of coarse sea salt on each chocolate turtle. This is entirely optional or completely mandatory if you’re me and need a bit of salt with everything you consume.

Salt + sweet = my favorite kind of dessert.

No joke these vegan caramel chocolate turtles are my new favorite dessert.

Normally I am not a dessert person at all. Dessert never tempts me and I can have cheesecake, brownies, cookies, chocolate, scattered all over the kitchen counters, fridge, cabinets, without every getting a single craving, but when these chocolate turtles are in the freezer I feel myself gravitating towards that part of the kitchen.

When these are in the house I need to eat at least 2 of these a day. And that’s saying a lot for me.

That’s how I know these chocolate turtles are truly epic.

Make these to impress your dinner guests or just to treat yourself to a healthier yet quick and delicious chocolate treat.

Vegan Caramel Chocolate Turtles - 5 Ingredient Recipe {GF} (5)

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How to makevegan caramel chocolate turtles

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Vegan Caramel Chocolate Turtles - 5 Ingredient Recipe {GF} (6)


5 Ingredient Vegan Caramel Chocolate Turtles {GF}

Prep Time

5 mins

Total Time

15 mins

Simplified 15 minute healthier vegan caramel chocolate turtles made with only five ingredients. Gluten Free and Refined Sugar Free.


Cuisine:gluten free, Healthy, Paleo, Vegan

Servings: 18 turtles

Calories: 162 kcal

Author: Vicky


  • 1/4cupmaple syrup
  • 1/4cupcoconut oil
  • 2tablespoonssunflower seed butter
  • 1cupvegan chocolate chips
  • 3/4cuptoasted almondscrushed (or pecans)
  • 3/4cuptoasted cashewscrushed (or pecans)
  • 1/4 - 1/2teaspooncoarse sea salt


  1. In a small pot over medium heat, heat maple syrup and coconut oil.

  2. Add sunflower seed butter. Bring to a boil, and mix for 1-2 minutes. Remove from heat.

  3. Place nuts in small bundles or clusters on parchment lined baking sheet.

  4. Pour the caramel sauce by the spoonful over the clusters, covering the nuts.

  5. Freeze for 5-10 minutes.

  6. Melt chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl for 30-90 seconds, mixing every 30 seconds until melted.

  7. Pour chocolate by the spoonful over the caramel nut turtles

  8. Sprinkle each turtle with course sea salt.

  9. Freeze for 10-30 minutes.

  10. Store in the freezer.

Nutrition Facts

5 Ingredient Vegan Caramel Chocolate Turtles {GF}

Amount Per Serving

Calories 162Calories from Fat 108

% Daily Value*

Fat 12g18%

Saturated Fat 5g31%

Sodium 1mg0%

Potassium 87mg2%

Carbohydrates 12g4%

Fiber 1g4%

Sugar 7g8%

Protein 3g6%

Vitamin C 0.1mg0%

Calcium 38mg4%

Iron 1.4mg8%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Vegan Caramel Chocolate Turtles - 5 Ingredient Recipe {GF} (2024)


Is there gluten in turtles chocolate? ›

NESTLÉ® TURTLES® are proudly made with only quality, natural flavours – gluten-free! TURTLES® has been a Canadian favourite since 1949!

Are salted caramel turtles gluten-free? ›

TURTLES are made with only quality, natural flavours – gluten-free!

What is Turtles candy made of? ›

Turtles are a candy made with pecans and caramel dipped in chocolate, with a shape resembling a turtle. The name is trademarked by DeMet's Candy Company.

Are turtles vegan? ›

Turtles are typically omnivorous to carnivorous. They spend a lot of time in the water and their diet reflects that, they enjoy small fish, frogs, crustaceans and insects. They also enjoy turtle pellets, leafy greens, bananas, berries and other various fruits and veggies.

Can celiacs eat vegan chocolate? ›

The good news is that pure chocolate Is Gluten-Free. High quality plain dark chocolate (eg Charley's Mount Edna) comes from cocoa beans (Theobroma cacao). Mt Edna, is made from cocoa nibs and cocoa butter, both part of the cocoa bean, and sugar. All are considered gluten-free.

Are turtles celiac safe? ›

Products which are labelled gluten free may not contain more that 20ppm of gluten. Turtle gluten-free products are regularly tested to ensure that the level of gluten is always below the required limit of 20 ppm and safe to eat for people suffering from coeliac disease and gluten intolerance.

Can celiacs eat caramel? ›

Regardless of the starting material, caramel is considered gluten- free. Even if made from wheat or barley it is highly unlikely that it would cause an otherwise gluten- free food to contain 20 ppm or more gluten.

Are vegan salted caramel magnums gluten-free? ›

Gluten free. Rainforest Alliance Certified™.

Can celiacs eat dairy milk caramel? ›

If you usually share bags of sweets with friends or family whilst watching Christmas films then I suggest Twirl Bites, Diary Milk Giant Buttons or Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles as these are all gluten free and available in sharing bags. Nestle Baci bars are also gluten free if you prefer Nestle over Cadbury.

Are Nestle turtles vegan? ›

No. This product is not vegan as it lists 2 ingredients that derive from animals and 3 ingredients that could derive from animals depending on the source.

Why is it called turtle chocolate? ›

Developed in 1918 by DeMet's Candy Company, these delectable bites were made of pecan pieces that were coated in caramel and then enveloped inside a glob of gourmet chocolate. And why were they called turtles? Because they actually looked like turtles with a large, chocolate covered shell.

What nuts are in chocolate turtles? ›

Three ingredients that can perk up any palate or day, Turtles ® clusters are bursting with crunchy pecans, creamy caramel, and all wrapped up in luscious chocolate. The taste of the original caramel nut cluster is made to delight.

Do turtles have testosterone? ›

Turtles with TSD had higher levels of yolk testosterone (up to approximately 300 ng/g) than turtles with GSD (up to approximately 15 ng/g), suggesting a potential functional dichotomy between these two classes of sex-determining mechanisms; concentrations of yolk estradiol-17beta were low and fairly uniform among all ...

Is there anything turtles can't eat? ›

Feeding wild-caught fish and amphibians is not recommended, as they may contain parasites and other infectious organisms that may affect the turtle. Raw meat, fish, or chicken from the grocery store does not contain a balance of calcium and phosphorus for a turtle and is not recommended as a food source for turtles.

Can celiacs eat chocolate? ›

In its purest form, chocolate in any of its milk, dark and white varieties doesn't contain gluten. Sadly for chocoholic coeliacs everywhere, the reason all chocolate isn't gluten free is because some products have gluten-based ingredients added, or they are made in a factory where gluten is used.

Can celiacs eat Hershey chocolate? ›

Hershey's Chocolate

Hershey's makes many different chocolate bars but only considers two of them to be gluten-free to 20 parts per million or less: its plain milk chocolate bar (only in the 1.55 oz. size) and its milk chocolate with almonds bar (only in the 1.45 oz.

What are gluten-free chocolates? ›

Major Brands of Gluten-Free by Ingredient Candy Bars
  • Snickers Candy Bar.
  • 3 Musketeers Candy Bar.
  • Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds (1.45oz only)
  • Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar (1.55oz only)
  • Payday.
  • Almond Joy.
  • Butterfinger Candy Bar.
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
Apr 21, 2020

Are Haribo turtles gluten-free? ›

All products may contain traces of nuts (including peanuts), gluten and dairy.

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